To prevent accidental damage, we high recommend Transit Insurance to our customers.


There is the high level of risk involved while goods in the transit. the packages are exposed to many things including the unforeseen damages. Sometimes there may be small damages to the package. We at gulf movers have the lowest claim and the damage ratio, however, we still prefer the customers to go with the transit insurance for their goods.

Key Features:

  • Provide the precision and accuracy for the logistic transfer
  • Provide the storage service as optional for the hospitality logistics transfer
  • Provide the logistics by road, sea, and air, cargo storage, insurance, and purchase order and inventory management
  • Provide solution includes the installation services and site removal services

We at Gulf Express Movers always take care of your goods and the shipments properly and securely. We also make sure that the best practices are followed for the safe transportations but in the case of any natural disasters, accidents, fire, sabotage, riots or any other in transit circumstances are not in our control to handle. Usually premium comes around 1.2% of the declared good value for the insurance. But the transit insurance will give you the peace of mind that your products are safe and in the case of any damages you will get the better compensation of it. We always prefer the customers to consider the option of the transit insurance. In transit insurances are usually paid only if the vehicle meets with an accident. In the case of no accident you will not get any compensation.

Another type of transit insurance is Comprehensive Insurance. Comprehensive insurance provides the compensation for the damages except for the scratches. This insurance premium is around 3% of the declared amount. If the insurance is required for the glassware and crockeries, the additional premium amount may be required.

Documents required for transit Insurance

Make sure to collect some of the documents if you opt-in for the transit insurance.

  • Lorry receipt with Vehicle No
  • Money receipt for the payment made
  • Insurance Policy
  • Insurance premium receipt
  • List of packing Items

You can choose the best insurance that meets your needs. We take extra care for your goods, yet we always prefer you to go with the Transit Insurance.

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